M7 LED status question


I connected Boot and reset in M7 and installed Bootloader.(DFU)

The blue LED flashes while the firmware is being installed, the memory is erased and new firmware is installed.

Thereafter, during the installation of the firmware, the installation window does not terminate and a message is displayed stating that M7 is not connected.

The capacitor next to the camera is missing (2012 size?) It seems to be ICE Soldering.

In the crystal, if the pulse is judged to be coming out well, the boot loader seems to be installed well,

At the end of the above procedure, the message that the M7 is not connected and the R G B LED are both on.

After disconnecting and connecting the USB cable, the blue LED blinks several times, the R G B LED is on, and the USB is not recognized on the PC.

Does the RGB LED turn on when the camera sensor fails?

please reply.

Hi, the RGB led being white means the system crashed due to an infinite loop somewhere. If it’s flashing white that means a hardware failure. Um, where did you buy the camera from?

The led should flash green with our bootloader. If using DFU which is the fail safe recovery bootloader you won’t see any LEDs.

After programming you should see a blue led blinking.