I have problems with the start of my h7 STM32H743, I had been using it normally a few months ago but when I change computers and connect it as I did before I have a problem in startup.
When connecting, the green light turns on and then the blue LED flashes.

The messages that it indicates to me is that it is reprogramming FDU, when I click on cancel, I go to a dialog that tells me that the bootloader will be used and tells me to make a bridge in BOOT and RST.
When I follow the steps in that dialogue, I go to a window where it indicates a text with red letters that says:

0483: df11 cannot open DFU device.
What can I do since I cannot access my H7

Please your help.

Hi, um, when you plug the camera into the computer without a jumper are you using a power + data USB cable? It sounds like the openmv cam bricked dialog is being triggered.


the cable was working previously very well.

the cable was working previously very well.
As I indicated previously, my h7 was working without problem a couple of months ago.
how could i make it work?

The green light flashing and then the blue light is normal behavior.

Can you confirm the uPY disk appears when you plug the camera in?