IDE Image Shifted after Upgrade from FW 4.3.3 to 4.5.2

The IDE image is shifted off the screen and rolls over to the other side with new firmwared 4.5.2. This did not occur with firmware 4.3.3, or 4.4.0., hmirror=True, transpose=True)
img_byte_array =
self.TftDisplay.send_spi_image(img_byte_array), hmirror=False, transpose=True)

Hi, can you try the latest unreleased firmware image. Tools->Install Development Firmware.

Also, what version of the camera are you using?

Finally, I can see how you can have a roll up or down… to the left and right doesn’t make any sense except for an algorithm bug. Which we can fix quickly.

Can you let me know which line causes the issue?