OpenMV IDE 1.7.0 / Firmware 2.5.0

Just downloaded IDE 1.7.0 and seems to work fine. When I look at the release notes it says that it is updated for Firmware 2.5.0. However, when look at the bottom of the screen it shows that 2.4.1 is the latest version? Has 2.5.0 been released yet?

Yes it’s been released, I think the IDE was packaged with the old FW, if so we’ll do another IDE release to fix this.

In the meantime you can download the 2.5.0 firmware form github:

Thanks. But how do I install the firmware from the zip. Didn’t see any reference in docs on how to do that. But then again, I probably just missed it. :slight_smile:

Extract it and upload OPENMV3/firmware.bin using the IDE’s bootloader.

So basically download from the GitHub, extract it to ide firmware folder for mv3 and then let the ide do the work. Got it.

EDIT. I overwrote the firmware in the folder and also changed the firmware.txt file to read 2.5.0 but still showed 2.5.0 but I went ahead and uploaded it anyway. Figured it was someplace else. But still showed 2.4.1, also I noticed that none of the new examples like find_circles or find_rectangles were there. I did the auto update.

Going to wait for Kwabena to reply, he’s the IDE expert.

Hi, I’m going to push v1.7.1 tonight. It looks like there was some confusion on my part from v1.7.0 since I had been doing preview builds.

I think me and Ibrahim will need to make intermediate build numbers so we don’t show off pre-release stuff early as the final product. For both the firmware and the IDE.

Hi kwagyeman,

Thought it was just me doing something wrong as usual. But anyway you intermediate build approach sounds good.


Hi kwagyeman,

Just downloaded 1.7.1 and all is fine with the world :slight_smile: Works like a charm, identified the outdated firmware version, uploaded fine to M7 and all the new examples are there.