image problem

Just bought a board and it’s transfering images like this. Is it broken? Please help! :cry:

Hi, is this an M4? If so, contact us to get an M7.

Yes, it’s an M4 (stm32f427). How can I contact you? Contact a Board Administrator? What information should I provide?

Email us at


I haven’t tested the M4 for a while, maybe it’s a bug. Can you let me know the firmware version ?

Hi. I’ve just updated it to 2.5.0. Before the update it seemed to be all right.

Probably is a bug… should fix. Can you let us know how you made that image?

Yes, and please tell us the old firmware version so we can figure out what change cause this bug.

I’m sorry that I didn’t pay attention to the old firmware version. The IDE said it was out of date so I updated it.
I got the image by running the helloworld example.

Okay, We should be able to re-produce and fix then.


Hi I confirm this is a bug in M4 firmware.

Thanks! 2.4.1 worked.