Issue with Image display on LCD

Hi All

I am currently using the LCD shield with my OpenMV H7 camera for a project but have come across a weird result. I not sure how to explain it properly but will do my best and hoping for some advice.

Currently I am taking an image of an object and doing some light analysis on the pixel values in a selected region. I then display the image and the result of the analysis as a text on the LCD. Everything works perfectly when I am running the code though the OpenMV IDE. The image and result displayed on the LCD is as expected. But when I save the code onto the OpenMV H7 and run the system, the image displayed on the LCD is distorted or shifted (the object or camera position hasn’t been moved) and the result is wrong. The device is still powered via a USB from the same computer. The weird thing is when I open the file in the camera on OpenMV IDE, the image and results go back to normal.

First time seeing this so I am not sure if I done something wrong or even if my devices are not working properly but hoping for some advice on what I can do to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance and as always I greatly appreciate all the help from the community.

Hi, our latest firmware has an issue with the interrupt priority levels and we have to release a patch fix.

What does the corrupted image look like? Is the image scrolling up/down? If so, then the next firmware release should fix the issue.

Ah ok. Thats good to know. When would the patch be realised and in the meantime can I go back to an older version of the firmware?

For the image, sometimes the entire image has been shifted up or down but there are times sections of the image is corrupt and indistinguishable.

What camera do you have? The fix is already merged into master. I can rebuild the firmware for you.

That would be perfect. I am using an OpenMV H7 camera with a OV5640 sensor.

Thank you so much.

Is this the Plus or the Regular?

I am actually using both :sweat_smile:. But most are the regular.

Hi, we’ll have the firmware release pushed to the IDE by the end of the day.

Hi Kwagyeman. Sorry for the late reply. I updated the firmware and it looks like the image taken is no longer corrupted.

Thank you so much for sorting this out so quickly.

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