RT1062 ImportError(lcd)

It worked without any problems when using H7 Plus, but LCD shield example doesn’t work after replacement with RT1062.

Huh, something must be broken in the firmware. These were functional in the last firmware version.

Will debug right now.

Oh, wait, sorry, the LCD module was moved. That example has been updated:

openmv/scripts/examples/50-OpenMV-Boards/52-LCD-Shield/lcd.py at master · openmv/openmv (github.com)

Please pull the latest resources and firmware.

The lcd module doesn’t exist anymore. It was refactored into the display module.

Not sure how you got that with your RT1062… if you updated the firmware or resources you wouldn’t see that example anymore.

Hello, the LCD worked when I used the code you gave me before, but it doesn’t work when I use the current IDE4.1.5 LCD example. What should I do? The github you provided before is not opening.

See here: openmv/scripts/examples/50-OpenMV-Boards/60-Shields/60-LCD-Shield/lcd.py at master · openmv/openmv (github.com)