lcd shield doesn't work

Re: Can the board works disconnected from IDE ?
Postby kwagyeman » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:57 am
On my phone, so, short answer.

Click tools, and the then save to OpenMV cam. The IDE will then ask you if you want comments striped. Then go to tools and click reset OpenMV cam.

The board will now run the script you loaded onto it without the IDE

Today,I try the steps as introduced above, but something happens to my board. The LCD shield doesn’t show the picture as the picture showed in the ide. Does someone know what happens? How can i fix this problem? Thanks

What script are you trying to run? Can you post that and some more details about what’s going on?


Previously, when I connect my board to my PC,the pictures from the sensor will be updated real time both in the ide and LCD shield. However, for now, the picture can only be updated in the ide and would not be updated in the lcd shield. I don’t know what happens. I would like to fix this problem. I follow the steps as you introduced and nothing happens. Then i tried three times. For the last time, there is a window jumping out saying erase …,the board cannot be connected …balaba, i don’t remember totally. I tried the script. Do you have any idea about this to fix the problem?Thanks

There’s an LCD script specifically for making the LCD shield works.

Anyway, this is a duplicate forum post. Locking this thread.