LCD Shield just showing white screen

I recently got an OpenMV camera with the LCD shield, the camera is working without any issues.
However when I connected the LCD shield to the camera, it just shows a white screen. I tested the LCD using the code from the github examples.

The camera’s image will display fine in the IDE but no image will show on the LCD just a blank white screen. (It looks like the LCD screen is just receiving power and no data from the camera).
All of the connections on the LCD are correct, not sure if this may be due to a loose connection on the LCD board?

Thanks in advance!

Could be dead. Please email us for a replacement. Um, but, it defaults to a white screen. So, the script was running right? It should like it has power.

Hi, sometimes the header pins on the camera short when soldering them. If you can check the SPI pins on the camera it will help us narrow down the issue and send you the right replacement. Also I’ve seen cloned LCD shields that don’t work with our cams (not sure why). If you have a cloned shield this could be the reason.


Yes the script was running, and the IDE was showing the snapshots were happening, just nothing was being displayed on the LCD. (The snapshots were being sent to the LCD).

This was the LCD shield ordered from you guys with our camera, I will check the header pins for a short on the camera.
I will update after I have tested it.