Green LED keeps blinking

I took a new H7 and connected a microUSB from the PC to it.

The IDE asked if I’d like to update the firmware. I did so.

Upon reconnection you keep hearing the Windows OS make the USB sound (three tone) every second or so. And the green LED just keeps blinking. I try the bricking procedure as well.

Device manager keeps refreshing as though it is trying to connect to something and then getting thrown off.

I’ve tried doing this over and over and keep getting “Firmware Update complete” and then green led blinking and Windows sound forever.

Hi, please try to flash this firmware for the OpenMV Cam H7 using the Tools->Run Bootloader menu option. We overclocked the H7 previously and this is not safe on all chips. This firmware checks the variant and slows the CPU down if it doesn’t support 480 MHz (down to 400 MHz). (1.19 MB)

Thanks so much. That worked.