Error Installing Update


When I choose to install the update upon opening the IDE, it hangs and eventually gives “Error Connection Closed.” Any suggestions on how to get past this? It happens when the camera is plugged in and when it is disconnected.


Which update? The OpenMV IDE resources update or the firmware update?

The OpenMV IDE resources update.

Any ideas on how to deal with this error? Or should I just reinstall?


Hi, sorry for the long response. I can quickly answer some questions on my phone and some require my PC.

Download this file:

Then, find the openmv ide install folder, go to the share/qtcreator folder, and replace the old folders in the install dir with the new ones in the zip file (just the folders that are new in the zip file).

Then launch OpenMV IDE with the -update_resources command line flag.

This will update your settings.

You should fix the issue however with your internet giving you the connection reset problem…

Thanks! Didn’t realize it was the connection the error was referring to was the internet. I moved out of my garage shop and into my house (and a different network) and it worked. Thanks!