Emulating H7+ when they aren't available

What would be the most functional way to develop for the H7+ without deploying the H7+?
With the shortage chips, I am protecting the H7+s I have like they are made of diamonds.

Would it be possible to develop for the H7+ without using a real H7+? My employee keeps fumbling and dropping our units and I’m starting to get twitchy since I can’t replace what we have.

If we could emulate attaching an H7+ to the IDE and run from a different video source (pre-recorded, preferably) then I could develop code and not risk my precious few deployable H7+s.

Alternately, I could leave an H7+ safely in its case, duct-taped to a desk, and run bin files of video on a loop. However, that is proving less straightforward than I’d hoped. There’s not a clear path I can see for getting code to run from a streaming bin file versus the actual camera.

We don’t have tooling to run our image lib code on a PC. However, if you want to help provide that via commits to the repo then it would be possible.

The Arduino Portenta could also be used. It has SDRAM. Amazon.com: Arduino Portenta H7 [ABX00042]: Electronics

While it doesn’t have a camera you can use the bin file technique to play a video file on it.