Simulated input for OpenMV H7 Plus


I’m working on a project with the OpenMV H7 plus R4 at the moment. The plan is to use the camera in a larger system in which it will get several inputs during operations. I would like to test the camera by simulating these input for now, is that possible? I looked through the example codes but i could not find any examples, could have missed it of course.


We don’t really have simulation support. The best you can do is record the frame buffer in a custom file format and play that back using our ImageWriter/Reader module.

Thanks for your reply.

I think i might have not formulated my question correctly.

I would like to simulate any input on the input pins of the board, to simulate other parts of the project sending signals, is it possible to simulate this with the openmv ide?

Not at all, for that you’ll want to use an external MCU like an Arduino.

I understand, thanks for the answer!

I am also looking to have the camera communicate via a connection which would preferably be Ethernet, with this be possible with only a shield or do I need to link the camera with an Arduino for this first?

We don’t support ethernet on the H7. Just WiFi.

Would it be possible to connect the H7 with an Arduino and have this Arduino communicate with the other parts through Ethernet?

Yep, that’s possible.