H264 on H7+

Dear All,

Does the “+” of “h7+” mean only more memory or as well additional compression mode like h264 for exemple in next future ?
H264 shield does not seam very efficient due to big data transmission, does it ?


It’s just more RAM.

I actually got FHD (1920x1080) video streaming working last night using MJPEG. It’s about 5Mb/s out of the 15 Mb/s the wifi shield can do. H264 is not needed. I’m doing 10 FPS out of the 20 FPS the camera sends out. The reason for 1/2 the FPS is the lack of double buffering onboard. Given the H7+ has more RAM I think I will add double buffering as a feature to the sensor driver. This will get you 20 FPS over WiFi streaming 1920x1080 MJPEG video.

Quite impressive I think actually.

That said, I found a c library that does this: GitHub - lieff/minih264: Minimalistic H264/SVC encoder single header library. Pretty sure it will be very slow however.

Well it is pretty amazing, all openmv is amazing for me (i have never started video without openmv).

What a pity, there is not an ethernet shield to do the same through wire.
I was thinking more about recording this video at the other end without any additionnal treatment except recording.
I mean in term of size for 5Mp resolution for exemple during 1 day.


Yeah, since you can do 20 Mb/s using SPI using our RPC library you can use another MicroController do ethernet.

The STM32H7 has ethernet hardware onboard… but, ethernet MACs need so many I/O pins. You’d have to have the MAC onboard the camera and then some external header for that.

Can you please assist me in how to use the library so it will do h264?


It’s not something that’s really going to be possible. H264 requires way too much compute to do.