How to get the H7+ at H264

G-d willing

Does the H7 Plus camera can do h. 264?
I am developing a system in which the system supports USB cameras that do H264.
Can you please assist me in accomplishing this?
I saw on a post from Jun-2020 replying (by kwagyeman):
" That said, I found a c library that does this: GitHub - lieff/minih264: Minimalistic H264/SVC encoder single header library . Pretty sure it will be very slow however"

Can you please advise me on the steps that I need to take in order to resolve this?


We don’t support H264. Finding a C library doesn’t mean it will just work on the camera, it will need to be ported first (if that’s even possible) and tested, and finally integrated, somehow, with the rest of the firmware. We don’t have any plans for supporting H264 right now. You could try to add it to the firmware yourself and then send us patches if it works, however we don’t offer any development support so you’ll have to figure that out on your own.

Note: Please stop posting duplicate topics.

Thanks for the reply.
I didn’t post duplicate topics, the other one was asking how I can install a library from Git for the OpenMV

It’s pretty much the same question in 3 topics, anyway I hope this answers your question.

No, as I still don’t know how to install a Git library for the OpenMV

Which git library is that ? Is it a Python library ?

Yes, a Python library. I will try to go forward with the support of H264. This is important for me.
Can you please give me a head start?
I am a software developer for many years now. So, with a bit of help from your side, I will be able to complete this task which will benefit OpenVM as well.

To add a Python module you just need to copy it to the storage, safe-remove the storage, reset the cam and then you can import it from Python scripts. But again this doesn’t mean it will just work like that because it could be importing other libraries that are not available, or have a different API, or allocating more memory than what’s available and so on. Just keep that in mind when importing random modules from github.

I never looked at that library and I have no idea if it can be ported, not sure how I can help you, this feature is just not supported at this time.

H264 requires way too much compute. It’s really not going to happen on the current silicon.

no problem. I will need to use a different solution