Enable Ethernet on H7 via RMII

Could you foresee any reason why this could not be possible with the current firmware structure on the H7 camera with minor changes as they’ve been able to achieve it on the NUCLEO:

The pin inside the CSV file look like they can be mirrored from the nucleo as they are only allocated to generic IO pins:

WIZNET5K is a goner sadly. As thought compile but the library is broken for the openmv :frowning:

We will be getting Ethernet working as per support for the Portenta. So, if you can wait it will be enabled. There’s is no reason we can’t get it working.

so this will be available on the H7 and H7 Plus?

Yes, Ibrahim is now working on this for support of the Arduino Portenta.

If you are trying to build something please purchase that hardware and design a shield for it.

Otherwise, it’s quite of bit of board design work. The Portenta will free you from having to do al the high speed design.

just curious as it’s useful for my robotics projects to have ethernet available. :smiley:

enjoying C development on the openmv platform and just wondered if it was a possibility as it would be a good project for me to port from the nucleo as I have a H7 already.

Possibly, we’re making our code a lot more portable these days with pin defines per board for everything. I won’t say it’s totally there yet. But, it will be possible.

None of our boards have an eth phy so it will only be supported on the Portenta.