Ethernet PHY and LwIP


I have checked github and there is a lwIP support for openmv.

Can we use ethernet interface, if we can connect an Ethernet PHY IC to H7 MCU in RMII mode ?

Does 4.0.0 firmware fully supports lwIP package ?

I see that openmv works on arduino portenta board and there is an ethernet interface. In the firmware packages there is another branch for portenta board. What is the main differance between OPENMV4 and PORTENTA firmware ?

if I flash PORTENTA firmware to my H7 openmv module, does it work without a problem ?

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You should use the Portenta. All the support just works on it. There are pin conflicts on the H7 regular. You will not be able to get it to work.

Thanks for the quick reply. How about the below question ?

Does 4.0.0 firmware fully supports lwIP package ?

Yes, on the Portena. LwIP is used for the WiFi and Ethernet support.