Portenta RPC OpenMV

So I am very happy with my Portenta Vision Shield and now want to push the capabilities. I know OpenMV has an Arduino library called OpenMV Arduino RPC - Arduino Libraries which connects arduinos to OpenMV Cams using I2C, SPI etc, but can it connect the Portenta’s inner M4 core to OpenMV running on the main M7 core? Any if so can I see an example?

Everything I need could be done with just being able to read any serial print from the Vision Shield.

Arduino has an RPC library that is fine, but I prefer my own RPC attempts. I have 6 different types at this link GitHub - hpssjellis/my-examples-for-the-arduino-portentaH7: My examples fir the new Arduino Pro board the Portenta H7 which allow the M4 core to talk to the M7 core. Wondering if anyone has a bare bones example of how this could be done with the Vision Shield?

We haven’t gotten so far in our support to enable the M4 core in our firmware. However, Ibrahim is working full time for Arduino right now. I’ll bring up this thread to them and see if they assign Ibrahim to support this.

It’s not clear to be how this will work however… but, we can think about it.