Micropython as serial monitor of portenta H7

Hi everybody, i’m new in this forum and i am new also in C++ language. I signed in It because i am starting looking at all the capabilities of the portenta H7.
I have 2 portenta but still not any vision shield or breakout. I would like to command the second portenta via wifi from the first portenta attached to my PC, where i dowloaded the openMV software. I would like to understand how to store the output of my second portenta (let s say a simple sensor also) running a code in micropython. Do you have some example or tip?
My focus Is to store the data coming from the second portenta and to control It remotly. Considering my desire, do u think that this Is a good solution?
Thanks in Advance to everyone who can be interested reading.

Hi, our library and work is really focused on image processing. If you don’t have that we don’t offer an incredible amount of value.

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