wifi on portenta? himax-M7 link?


First thanks for openmv. it’s well thought, well documented, very nice software-hardware package that fits perfectly my needs.
Having worked at intel on IoT/maker product enabling, I know it’s not easy at all!
Micropython makes everything a low simpler, cleaner.


  1. How do I setup the wifi on the portenta?

  2. I’d like to have a tf model run on the M7 only when a motion is detected by the himax chip, but have the M7 in super low power mode when no motion is detected (running on battery for hopefully a long time).
    I saw the code for tf and motion detection and it works well, but if I understand correctly it’s all running on the M7 and keeping it alive?
    Note: I could switch to the OpenMV cam if it helps.

  3. What’s the business model for professional development or for new features? Are the core openmv engineers interested in third party paid development? Or is there an ecosystem of skilled openmv firmware devs?


I’m assuming you want to use our firmware (otherwise this question should be redirected to Arduino’s forums) if so, then you just need to upload the OpenMV’s Portenta firmware with our IDE (the board needs to be in DFU the first time it’s uploaded). The IDE will also write the CYW4343 firmware blob where it needs to be, and when it’s done WiFi should be working. I realized I didn’t add any WiFi examples for Portenta, but they’re more or less the same as OpenMV cams WINC1500’s examples just need to replace a few lines… Please see the attached example and the docs: class WLAN – control built-in WiFi interfaces — MicroPython 1.14 documentation

Yes the TF and image based motion detection keep the cam alive, and yes it’s very possible to do what you want except the Himax motion detection is Not yet implemented in the OpenMV Portenta firmware.

It depends on the time we have and the work required, but yes we do accept work, please send us an email to openmv@openmv.io if you want to discuss this further.
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choukran Ibrahim!

You’re welcome, Note if you notice any bugs using Portenta WiFi with our firmware we’re still working on a few issues. I’ll be porting all the OpeNMV/WINC1500 examples to Portenta very soon.