Portenta H7 Bluetooth?


I’m wondering if anyone has a working example of connecting to the Portenta via bluetooth with the OpenMV IDE.

Can’t seem to get the ubluepy example with the arduino nano to run on the Portenta, how do you add libraries with the OpenMV IDE?

Would it be possible in the future to run arduino on the m4 core while OpenMV is running on the m7?


I only got as far as making WiFi work (in station mode)… Not sure if bluetooth is working or supported, all of the drivers for CYW are MicroPython’s drivers.

You just need to copy python modules to the storage/SD card and you can then import them after a reset.

We have plans to make the M4 accessible by the users from Python so you can just load any M4 binary and start it, just there’s not enough interest from Arduino in supporting that at this point.

Hi, Bluetooth (BLE) will supported in the next release.

Thanks for the helpful answers!! and appreciate your work on the BLE