WiFi broken on Portenta

After updating to IDE 2.9.2 and getting the new firmware (4.3.1) I can’t get the WiFi to work. It just times out.
I also tried the latest firmware (4.3.2) and had the same results. I tried going back to 4.3.0 but I get an error (exit code 74 from dfu-util) when I try to flash. Any ideas?
edit: managed to downgrade to 4.3.0 and WiFi works again.

Can you try this please with 4.3.1, comment deinit and call active(False) first before active(True)

# wlan.deinit()

Actually it’s a different issue, and I’m working on a fix for it.

Thanks for the quick reply and your great work.

This has been fixed in

It should be in the next stable release or you can use the latest dev-release if you like, from here:

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