Arduino giga r1 wifi support

Hello, will you support this board? Will be amazing if yes.


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Oh, that’s unfortunate, why is that, as it has the same chip shouldn’t be hard to port over. Or is it just Arduino wanting to give people reason to buy Portenta?

Me and Ibrahim have limited bandwidth. We cannot support everything.

Note, our focus is on cameras. Not MicroPython on various boards.

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Well, all I can say is that it would be great to see in the future. I do get you don’t want to focus too much on different boards, but this one should be similar to not be too hard to port to, and would probably bring way more people to openmv as its not the pro platform, and has easier camera connection. In the case that community wanted to port this over, do you think it would be possible considering the similarities of the boards?

Yeah, it’s pretty trivial. You’d just need to edit our board config files and the MP board config files. You could do the work without writing any C code.

If Arduino asks us to do this we will.

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FYI it will be supported by MicroPython when this is merged, but we don’t have any plans or time to support it, need to focus on making our next cam :wink:

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Yeah, we area focusing full time on getting something like the H7 Plus back in stock…

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Where can I find the openmv board config files?

And then

You just need to make a new folder for the camera in two two directories. Copy from the Arduino Portenta. Then you need to fix the pin locations and etc.

After that…

make TARGET= -j4 will build the firmware. You can then flash with OpenMV IDE. (However, the IDE will probably ignore your board because of the VID PID on your board).

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Working on it, for basic cameras I think that openmv part is done, but ill only be able check when my board arrives.
Here is the link to how I set up IO: openmv/src/omv/boards/GIGAR1 at master · Bexin3/openmv · GitHub

I will submit a pull request once I also do the mpython part and polish the code

Apart from address I think it should be fine. And there is the mycropython merge already awaiting.

What does the OMV_UNIQUE_ID_ADDR stand for?

It’s a serial number that’s built into each processor. Like a 96-bit ID.