Unable to Save to Giga R1

firstly I wanted to mention its great to see giga r1 is now supported. However I am running into an issue where neither the software nor the computer sees the giga drive, and thus I am unable to save programs to it, which is a bit of a shame as I can only run things while connected to a computer.
On an unrelated note its great how easy it was to get edge detection to render on display, just adding few lines of code.

It may be the same issue as External QSPI flash drive not mounting - #31 by iabdalkader but for me it’s still not fixed

Actually, manually flashing firmware from there work, despite me having newest version of open mv downloaded, is the firmware not updated yet?
To clarify, it is able to load micro python but I am not able to connect to it then as mentioned in the previous thread

Mmm, not quite sure. Yes, the latest firmware release may be required for some giga boards. @iabdalkader may know more.

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Any advice on this would be appreciated, or well info if this is something that is already supposed to be fixed or if the issue is only gonna be fixed in future versions which would explain it.

Future fw 4.5.1 solves this