Flashing firmware to Arduino Giga R1 not working

I downloaded latest OpenMV IDE 4.0.10 on MacOS (Ventura 13.2). I connected the Arduino Giga R1 and double clicked the reset button to enable DFU mode. The OpenMV IDE asked to install the latest release firmware v4.4.3 and I selected to erase internal flash. It showed a dialog box with “DFU firmware update complete!” message and asking to wait for blue led blinking but I do not see any blinking led after waiting more than 2 minutes and pressed the OK button on the dialog box. After few seconds another message box popped up saying “No OpenMV Cams found!”. I tried previous steps several times but same results. Please let me know if I am missing something. How long should I wait for the blinking blue led?

Hi, the actual firmware for the gigs r1 hasn’t shipped. What you just installed was a placeholder firmware which was the H7 firmware. As such, that would just do nothing in the device. We are about to release the actual giga firmware. It’s building on the GitHub and will be available to download soon.

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You can get the giga firmware here: Release Development Release · openmv/openmv · GitHub

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Thanks @kwagyeman, It works now!