Arduino nano rp2040 Camera module for openMV

For Arduino nano rp2040 which camera is suitable for openMV?

Any 8-bit parallel sensor that we have a driver for should work. For example OV7725, OV767x etc… And all the low-res I2C FIR sensors that we support (AMG, MLX etc…) and possibly even the SPI/FLIR Lepton at some point…For the record I only tested the OV767x and confirmed it works with the Pico RP2040.

but arduino nano rp2040 ov767x library not working in arduino IDE.
pls can you suggest how to wiring the ov7675 camera module to nano rp2040
and which library to install

These are supported with our firmware, I don’t know if they are supported with the Arduino IDE/libraries you should ask on their forums.