Wanted: Lens Nut Model

Hey when I got my first OpenMV cam it didn’t come with the plastic nut to help with focal adjustment . I think it had set screws ?
Is there a 3d model for this nut available or a similar part with the same threading available for printing?

I have found a couple models but the threads aren’t in the model, threading models is where my modeling skills end, unfortunately.


Any M12 lock nut is fine. It’s all standardized.

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Thanks, For some reason I was thinking the M12 was a camera term and not the thread size

just be careful, I assume its M12x1.0 used on industrial sensors and cables, not the standard M12x1.75 used on standard M12 bolts.

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Good input, Thanks @effgee

I ended up 3d printing a spacer and snugging the lens up to that instead.
Perfect focal length and even the user can’t mess with it.

I think what @kwagyeman means is a M12 x 0.5 nut will work. The lenses have very fine threads, unlike a “standard” M12 screw.