M12 to C Mount Lenses - Will the Cam H7 Board Work


I saw a similar posting (http://forums.openmv.io/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=929&p=5829&hilit=m12+to+C+mount#p5829) to this question but it got a bit off topic so I thought to ask a new one. So, I have seen as high as a 50mm M12 lens (from a few different companies) that I am pretty sure will have no problem working with the Open MV sample scripts for reading bar codes. I did try the telephoto lens sold by Open MV but the range wasn’t far enough to do what I needed. I was about to purchase one of the 50 mm lenses I have seen out there for M12 but then one person recommended using an adapter from M12 to C Mount which was mentioned in the previous Open MV post listed above. I have located an adapter online for purchase but was curious if a C mount lens would still work with the barcode reading open MV script? I would think that anything passed to the board from any lens would act the same way as the standard M12 lenses do but I wanted to reach out to the community before just buying some stuff that may not work. Clearly I will have more options for focal length if I go to C mount lenses but the price does go up and I’m not sure I can spend the money just to find out. Any suggestions? Sorry if this should have been an add on to the existing forum post listed above.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jason, as long as you buy the necessary adapters you should be fine.

Keep in mind however that you may not be able to focus the image circle on the camera easily accept at some distances. I.e. with a huge zoom only things far away will be in focus. I can’t tell what that distance will be and if you have enough room to adjust the lens to be what you need. They sell variable focus lenses for this purpose that I would recommend.

Generally, as long as the focal length is above 1.7mm you wont have issues with dark corners on the image.

Thanks Nyamekye! I will use your recommendations as I search for the right option as well as purchase a M12 50mm lens just to see what it can do.

Cheers, Jason