OpenMV attached to spotting scope to record bullet hits?

Has anyone attached an OpenMV to a spotting scope? Can you point me in the right direction for where to buy or how to design an adapter? I’m looking for an information sight or tutorial for doing something like this. I’m surprised I haven’t found it online yet, but I’ll keep looking. I’m sure it isn’t that difficult, but I know next to nothing about M12 mounts or typical spotting scope eyepiece mounts and don’t remember enough about optics from high school physics. All help is appreciated.

My project is to score a target as it is being shot, so I need pretty high magnification. My current top contender for a low cost scope is this Konus 60mm scope, but I can’t find info online about replacing the eyepiece on their smaller scopes. If there is a better candidate I haven’t bought anything yet.

Is the OpenMV high enough resolution? Ideally I’d like to see 0.22" holes in a 12-24" area at 50 yards, but I mostly want it to spot 0.45" holes. I fear the smaller holes will only be a few pixels.

There is a lot in this project that is new to me, so any guidance is appreciated. I’m an electrical design guy with limited programming skills and no experience graphics programming.

Um, I think you can buy M12 to CS lens adapters. I’d look for an adapter that turns the lens from one to another. This will let you select whatever lens you want.

As for the rest of on the OpenMV. That depends on what you are trying to look at.

I’m sorry if I am asking dumb questions. I know next to nothing about this subject. Will an M12 to CS adapter work on any spotting scope? Higher end scopes offer T-mount adapters for connecting SLR type camera. I have not found many references to CS mount that would give me confidence it will work. Do all spotting scopes use CS mounts? Is that the eyepiece mount - meaning it will replace the eyepiece? or is there typically a CS thread on the end of the eyepiece itself?

There are ton of videos and blogs about using T-Mount adapters and smart phones, but very little using an OpenMV, Raspberry PI or similar DIY cameras. I really like OpenMV and think it will get me going in the right direction quickly if I can get a good image in the camera.

If I could get an M12 lens with high enough magnification that would work, but I haven’t found one yet. The end goal is to image a 12-24" target at 50 yards (<1 degree FOV) with enough resolution to locate 0.22" holes relative to the target center.

Hi, I don’t really know a great answer for you. I guess maybe something like this:

And this?

Stuff starts to get really expensive when you’re asking for an extreme focal length. The best I found for M12 was the 25mm lens which is 8x magnification.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve found. I’m surprised there isn’t more on the web to help me, but maybe this will be my contribution, assuming I can get it to work.

Thanks for you help, I’m looking forward to the new H7 camera release.

SteveT, Did you ever find a satisfying solution to your scope problem? I’d like to mount directly to a rifle scope.