Smaller Camera (mount and lens)

The OpenMV Cam M7 comes with a M12 mount and an OV7725 sensor.

The OV7725 is a 1/4", so could this be compatible with other mounts and smaller lenses?

The design I’m working on needs a smaller camera height, like the one of the JeVois, but for many reasons I prefer to use the OpenMV and I’m looking for a solution. What can I do about this? 3D print a new M12 mount and find some smaller lenses? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks. :smiley:

If you want to go smaller go to AliExpress and look for m8 lenses or smaller. Note that you’ll likely have to glue to the lens mount on the board for the smaller lens mount and lenses.

Thank you for your reply Nyamekye.

I’ve ordered some M8 1/4" from Aliexpress. I also tried to find smaller lenses, M6 and M5 as some are also 1/4" compatible, but I couldn’t find any resellers, only manufacturers through Alibaba who work with wholesale (1 unity would be too expensive). Hopefully the M8s I ordered will be enough. Thanks.