UVC mode couldn't work on openmv3 M7

I’m trying to let openmv enter UVC mode, uvc.bin had been flashed and instead of the firmware.bin.
After that, I can find the device via lsusb about “1209:abd1 InterBiometrics”, and a new devnode(/dev/video1).
But guvcview could not open the preview. It show the device info: “OpenMV UVC in FS Mode: OpenMV U”, and that background terminal prints “V4L2_CORE: (get_v4l2_frame) video stream must be started first” all the time. It’s not work on Windows10 either.
I had found that same question with UVC mode on Openmv in UVC mode - OpenMV Products - OpenMV Forums, but can’t see the final solution/result.
Could you help me? Thanks.

Ibrahim should be able to help you in this. I’m not sure what the exact state of this feature is.

ok, thanks

Try guvcview -d /dev/video0


It works now. The root cause is USB hub.
If openmv connect Ubuntu directly without hub, qtcam/guvcview could open the new video device and show the preview().

But in windows10, the default camera app couldn’t find openmv uvc camera even through device manager had recognized it.
Is there some differences of uvc implementation between linux and windows? If I want it to run on windows, what should I do?

Yes it doesn’t work on Windows 7 or 10 and I’m not sure why (maybe a driver or camera app issue). However I managed to record video with ffmpeg build for windows.

OK, I’ll do some try.

I’d like to use the OpenMV Cam M7 with UVC firmware.

While I can successfully connect it and use it in Linux Ubuntu (with guvcview or Skype), I cannot make it work in Windows 10.
I saw that other people had the same problem.

Are there any news about it?


Yes it doesn’t work on Windows for some reason, although it’s just standard UVC…I got it working with ffmpeg however on Windows with directshow DirectShow – FFmpeg

I too would like to connect using the UVC protocol or be able to translate to it. How?

We just have a firmware that makes the camera act as a UVC device. It doesn’t do anything but act as a camera when you do this.