Openmv in UVC mode

Hi i am using openmv camera in uvc mode in linux it is detected as /dev/video1 working well in all software tools like vlc and guvcview
but in Windows in uvc mode(flashed uvc.bin) i am not able to get the video in openmv and vlc.

is openmv uvc firmware is not supported in windows??
can you please provide breif details?

Hi, which Windows ? can you try a different streaming program ?

in windows 10

i was downlaod the code from git
and compiled and flashed the bootloader.bin in Address 0x800000 and firmware.bin in Address 0x8020000
if i flash the bootloader and firmware then video is coming in linux os and windows os in openmv ide(working good)

if i flash the botloader and uvc
then in linux, video is detecting as /dev/video1 and video is coming in vlc and all other tools and working well
but in windows, open mv is detected as has openmv cam usb com port(com5) but i am not able to connect with openmv ide tool or any other video streaming tools

my goal is to get the video streaming in windows 10 in uvc mode with any streaming tools(openmve ide, vlc. mplayer).

how can i achieve ???

Hi, please choose to talk to us over email or the forums but not both.

Hi, sorry for bumping an old topic. I’m encountering the same issue, and wonder if this has be resolved yet.
I’m using an OpenMV H7, flashed the UVC firmware. It seems not recognised by my Windows 11 PC.

I had to restore its firmware by selecting the “bricked” option in IDE.

Hi, the UVC firmware isn’t really actively being maintained. There’s a lot of work that could be done on it.