how to set up UVC support

I came across this cool video:

This would be great since then maybe I can try using mjpg_streamer to both monitor streams and to download frames if connected to my linux computer.

Does anyone know where reference material I can follow on how to set this up?

Hi, you just need to upload the uvc.bin image (Not sure if it’s released with the IDE yet). Note this will make OpenMV camera act as a UVC compatible cam (just like a standard webcam) you won’t be able to execute any scripts. If you want to revert to the default firmware, upload firmware.bin when the bootloader is running (green blinky).

Thanks for support but I tried uploading uvc.bin using bootloader and I can see the /dev/video0 now on my raspi3 but also when running guvcview now it doesn’t complain that not camera is attached but it still doensn’t run too. The program now just stops running at some point while never getting to the point where you can see an image or play with the controls.

This is a fresh new Raspi3 using the default OS you load using Noobs.

Let me test this on RPi since this is a new feature it’s not tested enough (only tested it on Linux with guvcview).