Windows 10 not recognizing Openmv

Just received the openMV cam 7 plugged first time, updated to the new firmware and it worked.Unplugged it and plug it back, now it’s flashing blue/red light and windows is saying it can’t recognize the usb device.
Please let me know how to fix this?

“Device descriptor request failed”

So i managed to put the mv7 in DFU mde but after reflashing the blue lights are no longer flashing. could you point me to the right firmware for the open mv cam 7?

Hi, the firmware is right here:

Your camera should be impossible to brick. I’ll help you get it working.

In case anyone else is running into this exact scenario, I tried rebooting, i tried DFU bootloader, but what actually solved the program was unplugging from my USB3 hub and plugging into a port directly in the laptop.

I’ve seen issues like this. Typically, when I’ve seen it on my laptop its because of my Pluggable USB-C HUB. Its… glitchly sometimes.