USB stability issue

Good day! I have been using openMV M7 for a while now. So far, so good. It’s quite capable of doing some pretty complex algorithms I’ve designed and it’s relatively fast.

But one annoying issue is the USB stability.

I use Windows and I have one uSD card to store some files on my M7. At debugging mode with serial output enabled, if I try to read the uSD card using Windows explorer at the same time, the system crashes sometimes and I will have to reset the hardware. Is it a known issue for Windows only? Or it is known for Mac and Linux?

Now, I want to develop one program running continuously on M7, while I have anther Python program running on Windows side and accessing (read and write) the uSD files on M7. Will this be an issue? I need the system runs without any drop-offs of the USB port.

This will affect my PC end platform selections, please advise.


Mmm, it’s possible that the code would lock up. It’s all interrupt driven.

I would avoid windows reading files off of the disk and the camera writing them. Can you avoid disk usage and use the VCP port instead? The OS caches disk files and whatnot and ignores writes by the cam while it’s plugged into the PC.