Problems with getting started with OpenMV Cam M7

I have several problems with getting started with my new OpenMV Cam M7 with Windows 7.

When i plug camera into usb it will blink green leds couple of times and then continuously blue led.
And OpenMV IDE version is 1.8.0
So far so good.

  1. Only firmware up to 2.5.0 is “working”. The one i installed is “OPENMV3\firmware.bin”. Is this the correct one?
    If I try to install firmware 2.6.1, camera wont start blinking when plugged in. And removable disk doesn’t appear on my file explorer.

  2. With using firmware 2.5.0 I can connect to the camera, but if I try to execute script - nothing happens. And eventually IDE will crash.
    I set the Drive in IDE to H:\ which is where my camera is. If i disconnect and reconnect(from IDE) it won’t remember this drive. Maybe this has something to do with problems?

  3. I tried to save example as on camera. I suppose it should start running when camera is plugged into usb and blink different leds.
    But it won’t do anything (other than blink blue led).



Hi, I’ve posted the latest firmware on several of the more recent threads around the forum. Can you try it out?


I tested one in
and some other that you put as attachment in post. Result is same. It wont start blinking when plugged in.


Strange. I switched the USB port and now it can run also with Firmware 2.7.0.
But still cant run scripts from IDE

What do you mean by can’t run script for the IDE. What exactly happens? Does it crash when you do this? Is the cam getting enough power from the USB port? We have very good support on windows and generally everything works good on it. I’m not sure what the error you’re having is. Is it possible for you to post a short video or something?

Could be a bad USB cable, you should try a different one.