USB not working

I have an older V2 and the USB stopped working. I can load a script via an SD card and it seems to work (even the uart works), but when I connect to USB I get nothing. It is like the computer doesn’t even recognize that it is plugged in. I’ve tried multiple computers. Did the USB just die?

One clue; I was using a USB cable that was loose when it stopped working, before that it was connecting and disconnecting when I wiggled the cable. I know, I should have just switched cables (I had had problems with that cable before). I suspect that I may have corrupted the internal flash on the camera while trying to write to it.

It sounds like the connector might be damaged from the bad cable.
Note If the flash FS is corrupted it should be recreated when the cam boots.

The V2’s connector comes off to easily. Um, we have a few emergency M7 cameras in stock. I can offer a half priced one for you as a replacement.

Thank you, a very generous offer, but I will decline – it was my fault for breaking it – I know better.

Anyway, I have a second camera, so I’m good. Besides, I can still load scripts on the SD card, which is what I probably want to do anyway. Anyway, thanks for the quick response. You guys are great!