cant connect to openmv M7

Today I have received my openmv M7 and wanted to test it, unfortunately I can’t get a connection with the M7.

It looks like windows don’t detect the device. I already tried different computers, also a MacBook Mini and next to that also several cables. It also looks like that windows can’t see any device, the disk drive is also not connected.

I also tried to upgrade the M7 but also without any luck. Personally I think in some way the USB connection is not good. But maybe you also have an idea?

The blue light is blinking when no SD card is installed, so it looks like the Uc is running.

Next to that if the USB connection is not OK, is it than possible to connect through an USB → serial converter? I also bought a wifi shield but no AP can be found.

Hopefully there is an solution for this so that I can proceed with testing the M7.

Sounds like the camera has power and is running fine.

Um, can you make sure your USB cable actually has a USB data connection? We’ve noticed folks who try to connect the device to their computer with a USB cable and the system doesn’t work because the USB cable doesn’t provide the D+/D- lines, just power.

Anyway, the USB connection is kinda required for the system to run. We do everything through that. Unless you see any visible damage on the USB connector I doubt that the camera is physically bad. Please make sure you’re using a good USB cable.

Wondering it it makes sense to sell the camera with cables? Would need to find some super cheap supplier.

That was the reason why I already tried multiple cables. To be sure I now tested it with an different device which could communicate with with all those cables. So the cable is fine. Are there maybe some pins where I can measure the USB connections easily? Because the USB pins itself are under the connector. Off course the GND and VIN are fine because the board does runs.

It is a new board so off course it should be under waranty but I was hoping to do some tests with it this week.

Br Rene

Mmm… okay. Can you post an image with a close up of the USB connector? I’d just like to see it. But, there’s not really anything that can be done if that connection doesn’t work.

Also, send an email to us with your order receipt and I’ll send you a new unit.

As you can see: nothing strange. I will contact you in the email.


Well, you can keep it then. We’ll just get you another camera.

The chance of the next one being bad should be near 0.