Problem connecting the H7R2 module, camera MT9M114

Hi, I am having problems connecting the camera via usb. It sounds the Windows connected sound and the green blinking light comes on. Then the white light comes on and the sound of Windows disconnected sounds. This behavior is repeated in a loop. This problem has appeared after executing the snapshot code and after disconnecting the usb to see the images it has not been reconnected.
I have tried with different computers, different usb cables, I have reinstalled the IDE.
In the device manager the device I have selected in the snapshot appears as connected, so it doesn’t seem to be a driver problem. What more tests can I do?


You probably saved something to the script that causes the camera to crash.

The way to fix this is to select the erase flash drive option from under tools in the IDE and then connect the camera when the IDE says to and this will erase the boot disk and should fix the issue.

We recommend not to save media assets like pictures or video to the internal flash drive. Please use an SD card if you plan to save things.