Unbeilevably Huge Light Leak on OpenMV Cam

I was getting this blue ghosting in both bottom corners of the videos. I thought it was just a smudge on the sensor, or IR filter.

But I was wrong. When I put Cam directly under my table lamp, with lens cover on, blue ghost patches were still there in a full strength. I thought light was leaking through a gap between the board and lens holder. But it wasn’t. When I covered the gap, ghost patches were still there. Check the pic bellow.
Than I eventually covered both the gap and the whole back of the sensor with a black insulation tape, and ghosting patch completely disappeared:
For the best results one needs to cover both the back of the sensor and the gap between lens housing and the board, like this:
But as sensor gets hot, during the use, I doubt that insulation tape’s glue will hold for very long. Any other ideas?

Hi, the camera should have come with a sticker on the back of it. However, there was a manufacturing issue with a previous batch where some cams go out without the tape on them. Anyway, black electrical tape fixes the issue… or a black sticker on the back off the camera. The tap should not come off with the heat produced by the sensor.