Why do I see an electric circuit thru the lens?

I have a H7 R2 Cam. I have a strange problem. When shooting video with the Cam I can see a light print of an electric circuit in the picture. See screenshot. It stays the same where ever I point my camera to. What is wrong here?

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It’s just light leaking into the image sensor from the back of the PCB or sides of the lens mount. Make sure the lens mount is sitting flush on the PCB and you can use a small piece of black electric tape on the back of the image sensor module to block the light.

Oh wouw. I didn’t know that is possible. From the back? Are these chips transparant?
Anyway: thanks, I will keep the light out with an enclosure or tape as you said.

No, but apparently they are very sensitive to light. We’re going through a few options with our manufacturer to fix this issue permanently, hopefully all the future modules won’t have any leaks.