OpenMV Cam H7 has a strange camera defect

OpenMV Cam H7 has a strange camera defect. In dark places, you can see some pattern of tracks like on a PCB. What does that mean? Recently bought OpenMV Cam H7. But at first I did not pay attention. Defective camera? See the pictureOpenmv camera defect
Openmv camera defect2
The camera image is also not very good. I reduced the brightness of the LCD and all defects became visible. In addition, there is an error in the documentation - the P5 leg is not used in LCD Shield 1,8 ", correct P6!
lcd. set_backlight ( value )
Sets the lcd backlight dimming value. 0 (off) to 255 (on).
In lcd.LCD_SHIELD mode this controls the DAC on P5 to provide the dimming value. If set to 0 P5 is pulled low and if set to 255 P5 is unitialized assuming that the SPI LCD shield’s backlight is by default always on.

Can you please post a photo of the camera and the QR code on the back ? Thanks.

Hi, the traces on the back of the camera are from the light shining through the back of it. This is normal. Please put a piece of black tape on the back of the camera Board.

I was surprised by your answer! Do I have to pay a lot of money, and then disassemble the camera and put something somewhere? And is this normal for you? Would it be correct to send me a new camera? Where can I go to replace a defective camera?

It’s just light shining through the back of the PCB. This is normal for cameras. Typically vendors put some type of light blocking piece behind the camera module. E.g. a plastic case and etc.

So, you literally just need to put a piece of electrical tape behind the camera PCB. Or, not put the camera in an environment where strong light is shining on the back of the camera PCB.

Regarding a new camera, nothing is broken. It’s not a defective system.

If your smartphone’s camera showed tracks, would that be okay too? I understand that this camera costs less than $ 1. But the camera in the iPhone also costs a few dollars.

We’re two people doing this in our free time and not a $100 Billion corporation with a team of 1000 engineers.

Please have some perspective.

Getting any camera working at all is a huge amount of work.

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Then advise these two people that, knowing about this defect, they order from the Chinese a coating with paint in black and not red (called a mask) on the camera PCB board. and all customers will be satisfied. Not everyone knows how to disassemble a camera! Well, I’ll be glad if they give me OpenMV Cam H7 Plus for advice! And don’t forget to replace P5 with P6 in the documentation. Thanks!

Hi, Ibrahim crated a ticket for the documentation. As for the coating on the back of the camera. Not many people actually complain about it. But, we’ll ask our CM if we can get a paint coating added.

We don’t have any H7 Plus units. It’s super sold out.

Sure you can. PCB manufacturers provide several mask colors as standard including black. It is necessary not to add, but simply indicate when ordering new boards, the coating is not red, but black. For the H7Plus, I can wait if you would like to make a gift!

That doesn’t work. Light still shines through. We have to add some opaque material.

Paint for the PCB mask is different - shiny and non-shiny (like the screen on a laptop monitor - glare and non-glare). Must be ordered with non-glare paint. But it’s up to you!