I just got my H7 CAM.
I´m facing problems with the sensor when using the LEDS.
In low light conditions the led light is visible to the sensors, and the IR LED are unusable due to sensor saturation. This is clearly a HW problem due to poor sensor light insulation.
Is there any know solution to this problem?

Thanks and regards,

Attached Image with IR Leds on.

Hi, you can put a piece of black electrical tape on the back of the sensor, however it may not help as the IR LEDs are powerful. As for the RGB LED, you don’t have to use it you can just switch it off. Another option for the IR LEDs, you can get one of the prototyping shields and build an IR shield and control it with GPIOs.

Any idea if IR LED light goes through the bkack cover or the pcb under the sensor?
thanks for the prompt answer.

Probably both.

The IR LEDs can only be blocked by electrical tape. Even a simple sticker doesn’t keep the light they produce out. There’s not really a solution to this that doesn’t involve electrical tape. They are really powerful.