Unable to connect and no blue heartbeat

Right out of the box, I’ve tried connecting to both a Mac an Windows machine, but am getting no response. The serial connection is not being recognized and I am not getting a blue LED heartbeat either. I am able to connect a pyBoard v1.0 running micoropython, so I don’t think my computer is the problem. I’ve confirmed that I am getting 5v on the VCC pin. The PCB version says “OV7725 - Rev 1, 2/9/2016”. Any suggestions?

Yes, please the OpenMV wiki on our OpenMV github account on how to reflash the firmware. I’ll post a more detailed response when I get home.

I tried the instructions found here: https://github.com/openmv/openmv/wiki/Getting-Started
but didn’t get very far:

Hi, um, so please see the wiki post about installing the firmware dev environment. However, it looks like your on Mac which we don’t have an tooling for. If possible, can you find a Windows PC? There’s a wiki post about how to program the OpenMV Cam using Windows and STMs DFU programmer tool.

It’s now working! For anyone reading this in the future, I followed these instructions (https://github.com/openmv/openmv/wiki/Using-DFU-to-update-your-firmware) on a Windows computer. Thanks for your help Nyamekye!