Cannot power up the OpenMV board

Our OpenMV board arrived today from Robotshop. However, when I connect it to the laptop or to an external 5V power supply, none LED lights up and it doesn’t show listed under the /dev/ directory (ls /dev/tty.*). Is it defective? On the back reads:

OpenMV Cam 2
OV7725 - Rev 1

Mmm, this could be. But, it shouldn’t be. Um, can use attach a wire between the BOOT0 and RST pin and then plug it back into your computer.

The DFU bootloader should appear as a device. If this is the case then you can recover it using the DFU util built-in to the IDE. You’ll just need to install a few command lines tools for this to work. Let me know if the device appears as a DFU bootloader in linux and I’ll tell you how to proceed. If you can’t find the device you can also just try blindly. You’ll need to install these things:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0 python-pip
sudo pip install pyusb

Your suggestion did it “attach a wire between the BOOT0 and RST pin and then plug it back into your computer”. After that I was able to upload the firmware and run the sample programs. Thanks, and good luck with the new KickStarter campaign!


We do actually test all cams with a firmware image and it’s weird that it somehow doesn’t work once you get it in your hands…

Yes, that didn’t make sense to me either.

BTW, does the line below mean that the firmware installed was the latest OpenMV Version 2 in conjunction with MicroPython v1.8? Does your IDE alway install the latest release version?

MicroPython v1.8-4345-g3a2670b on 2016-11-03; OPENMV2 with STM32F427

We install the latest version of our firmware with MP. Ibrahim will need to update our code base to the latest MP version. This usually breaks a lot of stuff each time he does this so it’s somewhat avoided if not necessary. For the M7 board we will pull in all MP changes again.

As for the documentation, we should have that updated by next week along with another firmware release. We’re working on getting the QRCode stuff our the door right now analog with a bunch of other changes.