Unable to update firmware

Hi everybody, today i got 2 openmv cams from the kickstarter campaign.
To start playing i installed the ide on windows, but was hit by the same problem to update the firmware as discussed in the other thread.
So i have installed the latest DfuSe (3.0.5) to update the firmware that way.
This did not work either, the board is not recognized as an available DFU device. (boot and VCC connected before plugging in usb).
I’ve read every post to find a hint, even tried installing the ide on my linux dev pc (which failed, another story).

I need some help.

Hi, can you try connecting BOOT to RST? VCC is the VIN input (badly named). Or connect BOOT to 3.3V. Then the device should appear as a DFU device. Please follow the guide here: https://github.com/openmv/openmv/wiki/Using-DFU-to-update-your-firmware

After connecting boot to rst the board was recognized as DFU device.
I’ve upgraded bootloader.dfu and openmv.dfu from OPENMV2 using DfuSeDemo.

IDE can now connect and the sample is working.

Thank you.