Tricks to separate the Portenta and the visionCam

Any suggestions for easy ways to separate the 2 boards. Typically I would just rock one board side to side until one side comes up. Anyone got any suggestions? Just pull straight apart?

So it does just kind of pop apart. Putting it back together is interesting since it is hard to find a place to squeeze the boards together. I found just at both ends there seems to be a spot where you can squeeze with a bit of force. With this shield it is easy to tell which way round to line them up as the size of the boards are the same and it would look wierd if you lined them up the other way.

Yeah, pulling them apart is a little tricky. Be careful.

The above said, the Portenta is not OpenMV hardware. I’m no more of an expert on this than you.

Was really surprised today to realize that the high density connectors can be connected either way round. That is not really an OpenMV issue but you should be aware of it. Have your tried connecting your board the opposite way. As far as I can tell it fits quite nicely. Very surprised as this could be a very big problem. Can someone check that I am correct about this (Probably a really good idea to NOT plug your board in with the connectors reversed).

I mean… I just realized that would not be smart and didn’t do it. It seemed like it wasn’t right.

Just got my purchased Portenta Vision Shield.

I made a really poor quality sound video about a small issue I had. I thought the High Density Connectors clicked, but the one under the ethernet port needed a fair bit of pressure to connect. (It did look connected)

Anyway my Shield is working fine, just thought people should know about the connectors. I did ask at the facebook forum Arduino Portenta if there was a python or C tool to tell if the connectors are connected properly?

You just kinda of connect them. If the camera is streaming then it’s fine.