Edge Impulse and the Portenta Vision Shield

Has anyone used https://www.edgeimpulse.com/ with the Portenta Vision Shield?

Funny story here, @kwagyeman tells me about EdgeImpulse, I go to EdgeImpulse and ask questions. Edge Impulse hires me as their Ambassador, to do what I do and get some money a couple of times a year. LOL. So I guess I have to thank @kwagyeman for telling me about Edge Impulse.

Thank you @kwagyeman

Back to the question. I now have a working Portenta Vision Shield. Edge Impulse runs with other OpenMV cams, what issues are we expecting with this new board? I also added a discussion note in the Edge Impulse forum Portenta Vision Shield justvartived - Edge Impulse

Hi Rocksetta,

The firmware is a moving target. Expect bugs to be fixed over time. We will have a new IDE release within the next couple of days.

So I got an EdgeImpulse OpenMV build working on the Portenta Vision Shield with OpenMV IDE version 2.6.7 by just putting the files onto the pop up folder replacing main.py and changing rgb565 to GRAYSCALE, probably the easiest thing I have done with the Portenta. Really glad everything is now working.

So next issue is RPC. I will make a new thread.

Great to hear!