Arduino Portenta with Vision Shield

Hey all,

Just got the H7 and the vision shield. Flashed OpenMV firmware. Basic helloworld example works fine but the snapshot on moving example crashing the app and I have to unplug/ replug in the board. Seems like it’s happening on the first snapshot. Any tips?

Which example is that ? And which firmware version ?


Just updated the firmware again: 4.1.3

And the example is: Snapshot on Movement Example,

I tested 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 with no issues at all, well except for the threshold which had to be increased to avoid detecting noise as movements. Maybe the filesystem is corrupted, try erasing the flash, Tools->Erase Onboard Data Flash.

That didn’t work, but it was an issue with the SD card I was using. Thanks! Works now. Thanks for your help. APARENTLY, un-eresable SD cards with Rasbian installed don’t work well in the board.