Portenta H7 Lite Camera error

Dear Forum,

Today I received my Portenta H7 Lite and Ethernet shield with himax camera. As I was indicated on another discussion here.

I tried some demo using the camera. I got an error “…camera detached” !?!

I started to think my hardware is broken. I read some discussions and suggestion was to try it in Arduino IDE also.


There is small example “motion detection” worked like a charm.

I tried a frame grab… did not worked… in the example “cameraCaptureRawBytes” I was getting an error:

'class Camera' has no member named 'grab'

How you managed to acquire images in OpenMV ?!?!

Please help!!!


PS I know this is a question for Arduino forum but I trust you more :slight_smile:

You’re looking at the wrong header, see camera.h, the function should be called grabFrame() and see the Arduino examples for how to use it.

Yes, you are right, it’s ok for Arduino now

But in openMV it still not working :frowning:

Try updating the firmware make sure you have the latest (4.3.0).

I did this

L.E. After restarting my PC is started working… sorry for the false alarm